Uptown Boho: Villa Rosa Model Phase 1:
A Gables Community

Dallas, TX

Uptown Boho: Villa Rosa Model Phase 1

This 2 bedroom model is in the older part of the community built in 2004 and is the 2nd generation of models we have done for this property. Located in an upscale part of Dallas called Uptown, the clientele is young, hip, and refined so the model needed be as well.

Strong architectural elements play with a fun ACL / boho chic vibe. The art over the sofa reminds us of the rotunda in the Capital building in Austin and complements the dentals in the mirror over the dining banquette. All of the artwork in the model was hand selected for its Dallas connections. Warm rust tones, crème, and navy were used throughout this model to give a sense of comfort and home. An old postcard of the Hotel Galvez was enlarged and hangs over the bed in the guest bedroom.

The Hotel was the inspiration for the exterior of the building, and we thought it was a perfect fit for wall décor. Personality sells a community and this model has all the above.